BlogTember Challenge: What Makes Me Happy

If you follow my blog at all, you’ll know that I’ve already done one of these kind of posts in the past. However, I discovered a new blogger today, and she has challenged me to a #BlogTemberChallenge.

Today we blog about what makes us happy. So i’ll start where I left off:

32. God’s ability to show me love at all times.
33. Being from Texas.
34. Knowing I’ve traveled to different countries.
35. Having the opportunity to travel abroad.
36. The opportunities I’ve had since moving to OKC.
37. Joe
38. Being able to be involved in some of my best friend’s weddings.
39. My parents and sisters.
40. Blogging
41. My health.
42. The ability to provide and care for myself.
43. The ability to make my own decisions.
44. Fall.
45. Decorating for Fall and Christmas.
46. Cleaning my house.
47. A new, great smelling candle that smells up my whole apt.
48. A good, CLEAN tv show.
49. Reading.
50. SHOES, SHOES and more SHOES.
51. My middle sister’s ability to help me with my fashion (hehe).
52. My friend Sarah and her unwavering friendship.

I know this is short, but I don’t want to overwhelm the blogging world with too much gushy stuff.

OKC Skyline

Joe and me at my best friend’s wedding.


A Twitter Funny

twitter-4096-blackSometimes my sister is hysterical..and by sometimes, I mean 78% of the time.