Cold Quinoa Salad

If you’re like me, healthy eating can sometimes get soooo boring. I keep trying to find new ways to liven it up. Finally, I stumbled upon this quinoa salad.┬áIt’s so easy and there isn’t really a solid recipe:

(oh yeah, I hate following recipes. They always end up so bland and then i’m just Hangry.)

Celery:Green Onions

Green OnionsWhite OnionsPot

What You’ll Need:

1/2 onion

bundle of green onions

1 cup of celery

Feta Cheese

Kalamative Olives

2 grape vine Tomatoes

2 cups of quinoa

How To:

  1. Chop green onions, onion, celery, Kalamative Olives and tomato.
  2. Place the green onions, onion and celery into a pan with some olive oil and cook on medium until soft. I squeezed two slices of lemon into the pan, too.
  3. Make the quinoa.
  4. Combine all ingredients together when they’re cool. Squeeze two more slices of lemon over combined ingredients.
  5. Oh, make sure you DO NOT cook the olives, tomato and feta. Just add them when all items are cool and you’re combining all ingredients.


Well, that’s it. It’s pretty easy.



Homemade Hummus

It’s been two weeks since I updated my blog. I think it’s probably because I made a GOAL to update it every week. Does that ever happen to you? You know, once you set a goal it’s like everything in the world comes down around you just to make sure that goal does not pan out. Seems to happen to me a lot. For instance, in 2012, I made a goal to learn Spanish. It’s 2015, and i’m once again setting a goal… to make a goal at the beginning of 2016… to learn Spanish. ARGH!!!

Anyways, I am a bridesmaid next month in my best friend’s wedding. So this week/month i’m hitting the gym hard (you know, more than once a week) and am doing my best to eat healthy. On that note, I decided to make homemade hummus.


yeah, there are no words. It’s hard. And it had like 5 ingredients. Here is what I started with:



1 can of Garbanzo Beans (you may call them Chickpeas)
1/3 cup of Tahini
2 tablespoons of prepared pesto
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
1 tablespoon of Parmesan cheese


-Rinse and drain can of beans and pour into your food processor.
-Add all other ingredients into the food processor and blend until you get a smooth consistency.


(against my mother’s teachings my WHOLE life…I do not clean up as I go. I clean up once the food I’m making is eaten, and i’m in a food comma. Sorry, Ma)


Now, if you’re like me, you won’t have a food processor…you’ve probably never even thought about buying one. It’s only by my Grandma’s love for me that I have this NutriBullet. So, I used that.
Don’t be fooled…this was not easy. It probably took a good 45 minutes to make this junk! (bitterness)

It was soooo thick! I even had to call in the big guns:


(yes, at this point, we have pulled out the mixer. The stuff would not mix!!!!!)

But alas, I finally started adding water. Every now and again, I would pour a little water in and we finally got this goodness:

Buy some pita bread or cut up some red peppers and get to eatin’. Hummus is pretty healthy and it taste yummy.

Next time, instead of reaching for the potato chips, reach for the homemade hummus.

Muffin top, you’re going DOWN!!