Ben CarsonBen Carson has a true story of perseverance and success. The more I hear from him and the more I hear about him, the more I like him. He is a breath of fresh air, and he’s SMART. He doesn’t hide behind his politician’s door and cower when things don’t go his way; he stands up for what he believes in, and he doesn’t waver. I like that. I like that he is strong and courageous. No matter the political side you are on or what you believe, it’s encouraging to see someone that is steadfast, humble and intelligent. He knows his history, he knows his facts. And best of all, he’s one of us. He has conquered the American Dream, and he’s living it. Carson shows that through hard work anything is possible. He is inspiring.

Here are a few excerpts from his speech:

“And, you know, that’s where we end up, too, if we don’t speak up for what we believe. And, you know, what we need to do — what we need to do in this pc world is forget about unanimity of speech and unanimity of thought, and we need to concentrate on being respectful to those people with whom we disagree.”

Talking about his mother – “And if we ever came up with an excuse, she always said do you have a brain? And if the answer was, yes, then she said then you could have thought your way out of it. It doesn’t matter what John or Susan or Mary or anybody else did or said. And it was the most important thing she did for my brother and myself. Because if you don’t accept excuses, pretty soon people stop giving them, and they start looking for solutions. And that is a critical issue when it comes to success.”

“Now, what about the symbol of our Nation? The Eagle. The Bald Eagle. It’s an interesting story how we chose that, but a lot of people think we call it the bald eagle because it looks like it has a bald head. That’s not the reason It comes from the Old English word Piebald, which means crowned with white. And we just shortened it to bald. Now, use that the next time you see somebody who thinks they know everything. You’ll get ’em on that one.
But, why is that eagle able to fly, high, forward? Because it has two wings: a left wing and a right wing.


Ben Carson – The Next President?

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