Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve found that life happens too fast, days end too quickly and moments pass within the blink of an eye. Sometimes life just gets a little muddy, but I’ve realized that it’s the simple things that make me happy, brighten my spirits and make life worthwhile:

1. The days when I can completely feel the presence and peace of God…almost as if He is wrapping me in His arms.
2. When Joe laughs.
3. When my mom laughs.
4. The blessing my grandpa jones prays over me every time I leave his house.
5. The babies in my family (Brynn, Windsor, Carson and Lanie)
6. When Beth, Lauren and I are able to get together and have uninterrupted chatter and discussion about life.
7. Finding IG accounts that relate to mine and my friends lives so well.
8. Laughing out loud at tv shows
9. Seeing Amy and Annie and the comfort their friendships bring me.
10. Smelling my dad’s cologne on one of his shirts.
11. Driving in the car and singing at the top of our lungs with Ash and Ave.
12. Praying blessings over Joe’s life.
13. Getting my nails done.
14. Writing.
15. Listening to Jesus Culture
16. Going to Cincinnati.
17. Sitting down with my Grandma Gary and just talking to her.
18. Listening to my grandpa Gary talk or pray.
19. Knowing that my grandparents pray for me.
20. Being embraced and kissed to death by my grandma Jones every time I see her.
21. Seeing Joe and his dad together
22. When joe and his dad (John) crack jokes together and everyone else just stares at them.
23. Eating healthy.
24. Getting that perfect form on my squat
25. My family
26. When Caroline cries every time she laughs.
27. The consistency of my mother and father
28. My dad wearing his visor
29. Ashton’s paintings
30. Books
31. Watching Ave play volleyball.


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