An Introvert In an Extrovert World

If you really know me, you know that this article describes me almost perfectly. The only sign I may not relate to is #17 (I have no idea).

What I love most about growing older is that I keep discovering more about myself. I realize the reasons as to why I act, say, think and respond to things the way I do. I am understanding why sometimes I want to just be in solitude and silence. I used to wonder what was wrong with me, but now I know this is just me. God made me this way, and I’m growing on myself.

I used to wonder why I never wanted to engage acquaintances in conversation. Everyone just thought I was a raving B****, and so I started believing that too – that’s the crazy thing about growing up, you start to realize that almost everything you used to believe about yourself is most likely not true. What a wonderful realization! – Now I realize that I just HATE small talk!!! What’s the point in talking about the weather? We can both sense that it’s either raining, sunny or cold. No need to discuss it for 10 minutes and act like we’re meteorologist.

It’s so funny and great and also kinda cruel how God made us all so different. “Cruel” in the sense that some personalities just don’t get along no matter how much they try.

But what’s even greater is how we are all made in His image… extroverts and Introverts alike.


One thought on “An Introvert In an Extrovert World

  1. An introvert in an extrovert world.
    I like this. God made me the way that I am. He made us different, the people were born certain ways and that personalities sometimes don’t mesh with others. Some instruments (of God or otherwise) do not sound appropriate with others. I think this way at times to justify my thoughts on others. People think I’m a bit abrupt, that I am sometimes short. I tend to deviate from people that require more patience than others. God did not impart a natural trait of patience in me, it’s something with which I struggle on a daily basis.

    I read this editorial some time ago with a solid alliance to its content. For portions I still hold fast, as for the majority I can say that I have redirected such thoughts and have started a new chapter.

    When at first a situation does not fit my personality or compliment my “cup of tea,” my reaction was and still is, periodically, that I am not destined to remedy or engage in an exchange that will produce a positive outcome. I have since realized that it isn’t that God has made me an incompatible component for such an endeavor but that I have not tapped into the potential that He has planned for me. I have a choice. They have a choice. We all do. It is when we seek the guidance laid before us that we can find the necessary means to carry out the plan He has in store.

    We were created in his image. I like to think it means that our spiritual image mirrors his to a certain degree. That being said, we are the body. We can follow through with his promises because we have the mind of God backing us.


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